Department of Lands Building, Sydney

Department of Lands Building, Sydney
Overhead Traction
Delta Group
ERS partnered with Delta Group on this unique Heritage Project in April 2022 to help with a Lift Removal Project removing the existing 2×5 (10 floor travel) removing the existing lift

Total Lifts


Total Floors

Project Summary

Contractor – Delta Group/Built
Project Site – Department of Lands Building
Project Date – April 2022
Project Scope Includes:

  • Complete Removal of 2×5 Stop (10 Travel) OHT Lift
  • Tier 1 Construction/Demo Site
  • Highrish workshops
  • Asbestos Removal done by others, lead paint removal
  • Removed doors, retained door frames
  • Lift Car and Counterweight removal
  • Removal/Recycling of rubbish and debris as required

For further information regarding this project contact the ERS Project Team on 1300 747 688