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Since 2011, ERS has been a leader in Australia’s elevator removal industry, known for our safety, quality, and client satisfaction. Our dedicated team, rooted in family values and trust, collaborates with top corporations on prestigious projects nationwide.

With over 249 elevators and 1,712 floors removed, our strong track record and participation in award-winning projects demonstrate our industry excellence.

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Our process

Our process for elevator removal is honed from extensive experience – over 290 floors removed in just 2.5 years. This experience has enabled us to develop the industry’s most efficient and safest practices. At ERS, we understand the importance of early involvement in project planning. Engaging with us early in your project can significantly influence cost, quality, and timelines, minimising risks and maximising collaborative project success.

Our commitment is to exceed client expectations and maintain long-term relationships. We believe in the ethos of being only as good as our last job, constantly striving for and achieving project excellence for all stakeholders involved.

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Trusted by our clients