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5 Step Elevator Removal Process

Your journey begins with your initial contact, where we gather essential project details and start discussing client requirements and what is important for their successful project

We conduct an in-depth site inspection to understand the specifics of your project. Looking at site conditions, building access, storage, shaft details, motor room access, the path to exit for removing the existing equipment, lobby finishes then running over the project scope with the client.

Receive a tailored quote within 24 hours, outlining the Scope of work, Removal method, Safe Work Method Statements(SWMS) and project program. Once sent our teams will jump on a call and run over line by line the action plan and scope provided. We will also provide options should the project require at alternative scope. eg Retaining Frames and Full Ripout/Building Works

With the acceptance of our quote, we will start the planning process, sending over SWMS, Insurances and start any inductions/company onboarding process. This is also where we may arrange further onsite meetings to discuss High risk works, isolations, Client requirements and potenial project hazards that could arrise

The final stage is to mobilise a specialised team to commence the removal process. Site establishment, floor protection, hotwork permits, isolations, pre start meetings and checks all Prior to getting in the shaft there has been alot of preparation, planning and now the Team execute the elevator removal, adhering to stringent safety protocols, followed by thorough site clean-up and preparation. All redundation lift material to be removed from site and recycled.

Throughout the process we will create a dedicated communciation channel between the project teams to ensure daily coms, updates and photos and provided across the team. “Good, Bad or Ugly” open and honest progress on the project nearly always leads to the next team getting onsite earlier than expected. Daily project updates and the Weekly Wrap emails are sent to management


Why choose us: Your trusted Elevator Removal partner

We bring over 50 years of experience in our executive team in the construction industry to your project, ensuring expert, safe, and efficient removal of elevators across Australia. Our approach combines three key values to guarantee your satisfaction.

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Our Client-Centric Approach

We prioritise your needs from start to finish. Our operations director ensures seamless communication, timely completion, and adherence to agreed pricing, making your experience with us smooth and reliable.

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Unmatched Safety

Safety is at the heart of everything we do. By rigorously adhering to the highest safety standards, we ensure a secure working environment for both our clients and our team.

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Extensive Experience

Our five decades of industry experience are reflected in our superior service quality, meticulous workmanship, and effective site preparation, demonstrating our strong commitment to excellence in every project.

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Proactive safety planning

Be confident in our proactive approach to safety. Through comprehensive safety plans, collaborative SWMS, Rigging Registers, Checks on our equipment above and beyond the industry standard, and regular updates, we ensure that your project adheres to the utmost safety standards, keeping you and our teams informed and secure.

During the past 13+ years, ERS has had the honour of working with and alongside the best teams from a wide range of Sectors. From leading Global Lift Companies to High-security Buildings such as the Reserve Bank, Police, and Government buildings to Mt Isa Mines. Also ranging from top tier 1 Tunneling contractors to the largest Demolition sites in the Nation. All this experience wisdom and learnings from their teams also blend in the best practices for our Teams. Our SWMS are constantly being revisited, tweaked, and changed each time we see and learn it done by others better.

We also understand nobody knows their site/building better than the Client so extensive conversations and workshops are done prior to getting onsite to make sure we are all on the same page and working as an Extension of the onsite team taking care of the Lift Removal.

Lift Companies

The Specialist Team within your Team

Working with Lift companies across Australia for the past 13+ years removing low-rise to sky-rise lifts.

Since we specialise in Ripouts – all we know and understand is how to work with the Installation, Client, and Project teams to deliver a successful project. Unlike ripout/install crews who generalise – all our gear, methods, and removal process are geared towards doing the best job we can for the next team to get in and out safely.

With this in mind, we never have 2 crew onsite. Usually, 3-5 to ensure the teams in the shaft are supported on the landing, load out, and can swap in and out of the shaft for fatigue management. This also gives the team an edge.

Prior planning and walkthroughs with the client/project team ensure we are all on the same page. With 13+ years we have come across most , if not all the lifts and situations. We also have 4 team members who have been with us from day 1 this gives us tremendous confidence going into even the most tricky of projects while understanding there are always hazards present and to stay alert for any changes onsite.

Being industry training and inducted on most, if not all the lift companies’ online Portals with all the supporting documents built up for more than a decade.

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Valued partners

Teamwork and long-term vision are at the core of ERS for over 13+ years. We cherish our partnerships with top lift companies, Builders, and Demolition brands, believing that these collaborations are crucial to our success. These partnerships not only enhance our service delivery but also contribute to our goal of achieving excellence in every project we undertake.

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Valued partners

Teamwork and long-term vision are at the core of ERS. We cherish our partnerships with top lift companies and brands, believing that these collaborations are crucial to our success. These partnerships not only enhance our service delivery but also contribute to our goal of achieving excellence in every project we undertake.

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Demolition Companies

Our Safety, Our Top Priority

Working alongside the best Demolition companies in Australia on the biggest and best projects it is an honour to work with these professional juggernauts of Companies.

ERS is engaged by the best teams in Australia on the largest projects from:

– 50 Bridge St, Sydney – AMP – Multiplex – Metro Demo
– Sirius Building – Richard Crookes – Manngroup
– MLC Centre – Probuild – Delta
– Roma St Station – CPB – Delta
– Department of Lands – Built – Delta
– Reserve Bank – Built – Delta
– 182 George St, Sydney – Lendlease – Delta

With over 1000+ floors removed for Demo companies, we understand the process and how these sites work. high-risk workshops, planning, weekly Subby meetings, daily process updates, and weekly wrap emails.

We are usually engaged early in the Demo projects around the tender stage to review program and removal methods. These included getting onsite as soon as possible to strip the shafts created Dumb Chutes for the demo teams to start soft strip.

We also do what is called ‘Make Safe’ where we would essentially rig up and lower the lift car and counterweight into the pit, confirming zero energy so the demo teams don’t need to worry about any overhead hazards when they start the demo.

Experience the reassurance of working with a team that values safety above all. This experience also comes into play when working with the tier 1 building companies whom we already have a relationship and track record we are proud of. We understand their requirements

We don’t just comply with WorkSafe and WorkCover standards; we set new benchmarks in safety, prioritising your well-being and that of our crew at every step. Get in touch with our team today

Ensured Insurance, Training, and Compliance

Relax knowing you’re in safe hands. Our extensive insurance and rigorous adherence to safety regulations stand as a testament to our dedication to responsible, worry-free operations for you.

For your elevator removal project, we will utilise our specialist Health and Safety expertise as well as provide detailed Safe Work Method Statements, Risk Assessments for the Site establishment, Installation of Hoardings, Rigging the car, Removal, Motor room, Pit and clean up.

Our Teams also undergo extensive training in basic White Card construction tickets, Rigging and Dogging, Manual Handling, Asbestos Awareness course, S1 S 2S3 Mining supervisor, Forklift tickets, First aid, Oxy cutting VOC, Working at Heights, Confined Space training and Covid onsite Safety to name a few

ERS holds current $ 20 million Public Liability and Workers’ Compensation certificates with leading insurers. These are sent over prior to the engagement.

All Employee tickets are saved internally and can be sent where required prior to starting onsite

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